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Nancy's Kitchen Nyonya Food

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Nancy's Kitchen Nyonya Food

Nancy was born and raised in a Peranakan household of a small town called Batu Berendam, Melaka. As being raised in a humble family and close relatives, she was taught to cook at young age. Without any proper written recipes, her cooking skills was established by watching and helping her mother in the kitchen.

Today, her recipe has been passed down and it is now at her 3rd Generation. In the restaurant, she is precise towards the quality of each dish being served and practices strict cooking skill. Preparing the authentic Peranakan dishes of fresh local herbs, spices and ingredients bringing at best for her new and repeating customers.

Nancy's Kitchen Nyonya Food

Some Words from Our Chef

Nancy's Kitchen Nyonya Food

Nancy's food has no preservative,
What a healthy way to live,
Cooked by me on the spot in my own kitchen pot,
Special Nyonya dip sauce,
To the taste bud of yours.
Longing for Nancy's Kitchen food to be cooked?
Try Nancy's Food, you'll get hooked.

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Nancy's Kitchen Nyonya Food

If you’ve been to our restaurant, you’ve seen – and tasted – what keeps our customers coming back for more. Perfect ingredients and fresh materials, delicious foods, and favourite dessert - cendol make us hard to resist! Stop in today and check us out!